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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the things that I get asked about.

I specialize in unique pieces, large sizes, special needs, and can customize most of my bracelets or necklaces for a perfect fit.   Please message me prior to your order so we can discuss any special requirements, allergies, or other needs, such as magnetic clasps.  A custom order may increase delivery time and may effect the price of the piece. 

I do sell at local art fairs and post locations on my Facebook page as well as on this website.  I support shopping local and enjoy the ability to meet everyone and talk about what I do.

Any stretch bracelet may lose some of it’s elasticity or may fray over time.  You should avoid overstretching and always ROLL your bracelet on and off.  You never want to pull it and stretch it over your hand.  If needed, I offer restringing for a $3.00 charge plus shipping.  If you’re bracelet breaks with wear, please put your pieces in a zip lock baggie and send it in a padded envelope to ensure the security of your bracelet.

When measuring your wrist size, the easiest way is to take a string and loosely wrap it around your wrist near the wrist bone.  I suggest to do it loosely since you want it to be comfortable and have movement and not feel constricting.  You then can take the string and measure the length with a ruler to find your wrist size.  Message me prior to ordering if you have any questions about the size of a bracelet. 

Please message me if you would like earrings to match.  I can make a custom pair for you to compliment most of my pieces. 

I have a Facebook page as well as a Facebook shop under RLZando.  You can follow me there for current information and discussions, as well as a more personal connection and inspirations for what I do. I’m happy to answer any questions and to hear your thoughts. 

I design for the person.  I  believe that you should wear what you connect with.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Aroma Therapy jewelry includes a Lava Stone.  Lave Stones naturally formed and are more porous to allow you to add a drop of your favorite essential oil, so your jewelry can act as a diffuser.  Depending on the oil, you may need to reapply.  You should add one drop to start and allow the stone to absorb the oil first.  Then add another drop as needed. 

II design jewelry because it means something to me.  I want someone to connect with a piece and enjoy wearing it.  If something happens, I encourage you to contact me right away and allow me to help.  I’ll do everything I can to make this an experience you feel positive about. 

Some pieces are specifically designed as a “one of a kind” piece.  Some are commissioned by customers and some are made to be limited to only a few.  Since each piece is made with natural stones and others are hand forged, there are few items that will ever be exactly the same.

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